Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visit America, King Richard III’s last journey before his reinterment and not-so-royal exclusives!

Bowled Over?

Prince Charles tries ten-pin bowling at a war veterans’ retirement home, as the Duchess of Cornwall watches, during a royal visit to the United States of America.

Prince Charles in action.

How did Prince Charles go? See the video below.

Have you ever had a go at ten-pin bowling? If so, how did you go? Share your thoughts below.

Richard III’s Last Journey – With Honour and Dignity

King Richard III’s remains returned to Fenn Lane and Bosworth during his last journey on Sunday, 22 March.

The coffin is brought outside before a brief service was held at the University of Leicester. Michael Ibsen, one of Richard’s relatives, made the coffin.

Philippa Langley, who began the search for King Richard III’s remains, was present and participated in the service. She lays a white rose upon the coffin, which was the symbol for the House of York.

The Cortege left Leicester for King Richard’s remains to return to Fenn Lane, close to the site near where he was actually slain by Henry Tudor’s forces at the Battle of Bosworth.

Cadets escorted the King’s remains at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre where the Bishop of Leicester, the Rt Reverend Tim Stephens led the commemoration service.

Michal Ibsen, Richard III’s great-great-nephew and cabinet-maker, created the coffin for King Richard III’s remains.

Patron of the Richard III Society, the Duke of Gloucester, attends the Compline service at Leicester Cathedral.

War Veterans guard the remains inside Leicester Cathedral as thousands pay their respects to the last Plantagenet King.

Leicester Shakeaway creates the King Richard Shake to celebrate this historic event.

The King Richard Shake!
The King Richard Shake!

Tune in to next week’s show regarding details of King Richard III’s reburial on Thursday, 26 March.

Royal Exclusive? Or Massive Blunder?

Royal Exclusive. Not quite. We explain why in this week’s podcast.

Exclusive: Massive Fail
Exclusive: Massive Fail

We will have all the details when the Duchess of Cambridge does give birth to her second child.

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