Queen Elizabeth II, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf delivered their pre-recorded Christmas broadcasts.

We have provided English translations wherever possible.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

The Queen’s annual Christmas Broadcast aired in the UK and Commonwealth countries on Christmas Day.

The Queen reflects on ‘Inspiration’ from Olympic and Paralympic athletes and the community’s unsung heroes.

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

King Willem-Alexander delivers his Christmas Message from his private residence, Eikenhorst, at Wassenaar.

The Christmas Message (Kersttoespraak 2016) transcript in Dutch.

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden’s Christmas speech was recorded in Prince Bertil’s apartments at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

King Carl Gustaf’s 2016 Christmas Message (Konungens jultal 2016) transcript in Swedish.

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