Queen Elizabeth arrived at the Sandringham branch of the Women’s Institute for a meeting at the West Newton Village Hall on Thursday, 19 January 2017.

Vice President Yvonne Browne greeted the Queen upon arrival with a curtsy.

The Queen, who is the Sandringham WI President, attends the meeting once a year.

This is the third time since the Queen has been seen in public since recovering from a severe cold during Christmas and New Year break, which prevented her from attending church service two weeks in a row.

Source: Lucy Worsley/Twitter

According to the Eastern Daily Press, historian and TV presenter Lucy gave a talk and presentation about Jane Austen over tea and biscuits.

Lucy even brought her mum.

Lucy shares a photo of a lovely selection of scrumptious cakes, including chocolate and ginger, and scones.

A few monarchists braved the cold weather to catch a glimpse of the Queen when she arrived at the West Newton Village Hall.

The Queen has been a member of the Women’s Institute since 1943.

Queen Mary invited  Madge Watt to form a Women’s Institute Branch at Sandringham at the end of World War I and became the President, followed by her daughter-in-law, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

Princess Anne The Princess Royal and Sophie Countess of Wessex are also Women’s Institute Members, as they participated in Centenary celebrations in 2015.

The Princess Royal lent a hand when the Queen had trouble cutting a particularly stubborn cake!

The Country Women’s Association is the Australian equivalent of the Women’s Institute with branches in six states and the Northern Territory.

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