Imagine being paid to walk in the Queen’s shoes … literally!

According to The Evening Standard, Queen Elizabeth has employed someone to break in her new shoes, to avoid sore feet and painful blisters.

It would simply not do for the Queen to pop into a chemist, whilst travelling to official engagements, or returning home, to buy a packet of bandaids for blisters.

So her shoes must be comfortable, especially if she is standing for long periods of time.

Her Majesty can never say she needs to sit down, that she can’t walk any further because her feet hurt.

The Queen’s “work” shoes, a pair of hand-made black patent shoes, are made by shoemaker Anello & Davide costing £1,000 (around A$1,653).

The job, according to designer Stewart Parvin, involves walking, wearing cotton ankle socks, around Buckingham Palace up the stairs, down the corridors and around the garden until they’re soft enough to avoid blisters.

You would be literally following in the Queen’s footsteps!

So, should a vacancy ever occur, you must be a Size 4 (or an Australian Size 6) to be a complete shoo-in, but not if you have smelly feet!

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