Foxtel Australia is commemorating Diana Princess of Wales with a series of documentaries exploring her extraordinary life since her tragic death 20 years ago in the Place de l’Alma underpass in Paris.

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Diana’s companion Dodi Fayed and their driver Henri Paul were also killed on 31 August 1997 whilst the bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones survived with severe injuries.

Her untimely death shocked most of the world whilst many have celebrated her generous and compassionate legacy.

Prince Harry described her as one of the naughtiest parents during the documentary, Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, which aired on Sunday, 31 July, on the Seven Network.

Diana: A Quiet Revolution

Tuesday, 8 August, at 9.30 pm on Lifestyle YOU

Diana captured the world with her charm, beauty and limitless compassion during her short life. Her honesty and empathy challenged centuries-old tradition of stoic royal silence, and brought a Queen and her people closer than ever before.

She was a Princess, a humanitarian and a mother. Diana: A Quiet Revolution looks back on her incredible life and how she changed the Royal family forever in this one hour television special.

Diana: In Her Own Words

Tuesday, 15 August, at 7.30 pm on National Geographic

Diana: In Her Own Words featured the tapes of her infamous interview with journalist Andrew Morton, the author of the biography, Diana, Her True Story.

These secret interviews with Diana which were privately recorded by Diana’s voice coach, actor Peter Settelen, where she candidly discuses personal details about her life.

They were privately recorded when she was at the lowest point of her life, following her divorce from Prince Charles.

The controversial documentary which commentators, including Dickie Arbiter, have said these tapes should never be aired on TV, as they were never meant to be made public.

According to the Telegraph, this documentary will be upsetting for the Princess of Wales two sons and Prince Charles.

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Diana: Tragedy or Treason?

A three-part special which airs each night from Sunday, 27 August, to Tuesday, 29 August, at 7.30 pm on TLC.

Diana redefined what it meant to be Royal – so much that many feared she would ultimately destroy the monarchy. Instead, through her legacy, she saved it.

Diana: 20 Years

Monday, 28 August, at 8.30 pm on History.

This landmark one-hour documentary reveals Diana Princess of Wales’ work in the 20th Century, since her death in 1997.

Diana: Her Last 10 Days In Pictures

Sunday, 27 August, at 3.30 pm on History.

This one-hour special explores how the world is still fascinated by Diana and the manner of her untimely death. Diana left a legacy, in photographs of that time, showing a woman in prime – confident, attractive and poised on the brink of a new life.

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Diana: Her Last 10 Days in Pictures uncovers the truth behind those iconic shots.

Princess Diana Death: Mystery Solved

A two-part series on Wednesday, 30 August, and Thursday, 31 August, at 7.30 pm on History.

Colin McLaren interviews many who were involved in the French and English investigations into Diana’s death as well as crucial witnesses, whilst providing forensic evidence that they were flawed and concludes there was a cover-up.

Prince Harry In Africa – Australian Premiere

In addition to all the Diana specials, UKTV will broadcast Prince Harry in Africa on Thursday, 10 August, at 7.30 pm.

This documentary follows Prince Harry on a return visit to Lesotho to continue the work for Sentebale, the charity he set up with Prince Seeiso in their mothers’ memory in 2006. He sets off on an unforgettable adventure as he travels through beautiful and challenging scenery, sometimes in remote locations, with his deeply personal aim to discover stories he wants to share with the world.

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