Queen Margrethe II and the Crown Prince Family attended an unveiling of a new portrait of Crown Prince Frederik on Thursday, 24 May 2018.

Photo: The National History Museum ©

The portrait was at the National History Museum at Frederiksborg Castle as part of celebrations for his 50th birthday.

Australian-born artist Ralph Heimans painted the new portrait of Crown Prince Frederik which shows Crown Princess Mary and their children reflected in the mirror in Havesalaen at Fredensborg Palace.

Ralph Heimans also painted a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

The Queen also opened the large exhibition, HKH Kronsprins Frederik – Prins til Danmark (HRH Crown Prince Frederik – Prince to Denmark) in the Knight’s Hall with artefacts, paintings, garments, photos and film clips of Crown Prince Frederik’s life from birth, childhood, military service, expeditions and personal interests.

There is also a special presentation of Crown Prince Frederik’s marriage to Mary Donaldson in 2004, including the Crown Princess’ wedding gown and a recreation of the table setting at the wedding banquet.

The exhibition runs from Friday, 25 May to 2 September 2018, between 10 am to 5.00 pm.

More details about the National History Museum – http://www.dnm.dk/UK/Forside.htm

More about the HKH Kronsprins Frederik – Prins til Danmark Exhibitionhttps://www.visitnordsjaelland.dk/hkh-kronprins-frederik-prins-til-danmark-gdk1097713 – including admission prices.

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