Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia celebrates her 74th birthday on 13 November 2018.

Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia. Photo: The Royal Palace, Belgrade.

The Royal Palace in Belgrade announced Crown Princess Katherine will be celebrating her birthday with her immediate family and has thanked well-wishers who sent birthday cards.

Serbia’s Crown Princess was born Katherine Clairy Batis in Athens, Greece, on 13 November 1943.

She was educated in Athens and Lausanne, Switzerland, before continuing her studies at the University of Denver, Colorado, and the University of Dallas, Texas.

Katherine was in business for a few years in the United States, married Jack Walter Andrews in 1962. They had two children who still live in the United States and five grandchildren. Katherine and Jack divorced in 1984.

She has also lived in Australia and Africa.

The University of Sheffield, in the United Kingdom, awarded an honorary degree in Doctor of Letters to Princess Katherine in 2007.

Katherine met Crown Prince Alexander in Washington DC in 1984 and they were married in London on 21 September 1985, with King Constantine II of Greece as their best man. Crown Prince Alexander’s uncle, Prince Tomislav, was the witness.

They have three sons, Hereditary Prince Peter, and twins Prince Philip and Prince Alexander.

Her charity work involved humanitarian efforts, including the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, especially with children, the elderly and those in need.

She established the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation in August 2001 in Belgrade with the aim to continue and support humanitarian activities.

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine were welcomed with enthusiasm by thousands of supporters when returned to Serbia in 1991.

Many Serbians advocated for the Karadjordjevic Dynasty as the embodiment of all that is best for democracy and a Constitutional Monarchy.

They took up residence in the Royal Palace in Belgrade.

However, Serbia remains a republic, as the monarchy was abolished in Yugoslavia in 1945, when Crown Prince Alexander’s father, King Peter II, was deposed.

Regular polls in Serbia shows that half the population is in favour of restoring the monarchy.

The Crown Princess became a grandmother again when her second son Prince Philip and his wife Princess Danica gave birth to a boy, Stefan, in Belgrade on 25 February 2018.

Katherine speaks Greek, English, French, Serbian and some Spanish.

Her favourite pastimes include music, reading, cooking, theatre and cross-country skiing.

Video: Crown Princess Katherine – Crown In The Heart

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