Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is sharing a Christmas Calendar for the third year since The Royal Danish House has been on Instagram.

Queen Margrethe II hides the rice pudding. Photo: Kongehuset

This year’s calendar begins with ‘Once upon a time’, featuring four elves’ quest to find a rice pudding in Fredensborg Palace’s old attic in the days leading up to Christmas Eve.

Along the way, the four elves stumble upon hidden and forgotten stories about the Danish Royal Family from days of old.

The four elves. Photo: Kongehuset

The Queen placed the hand-made elves on a windowsill so they can begin their quest.

The Danish Royal Family has lived in Amalienborg and Fredenbog Palace for centuries and left their mark.

Video: Kongehuset ©

Many personal belongings of previous monarchs, princes and princesses are packed up and stored in chests, on shelves, in musty spaces and room, waiting for their stories to be told.

Danish Royal House on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/detdanskekongehus/?hl=en

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