Buckingham Palace has released three official photos of Lady Gabriella Windsor’s marriage to Mr Thomas Kingston on 18 May 2019.

Just married. Lady Gabriella and Mr Thomas Kingston in the gardens of Frogmore House, 18 May 2019. Photo: Hugo Burnand

Photographer Hugo Burnand took the photos at Frogmore House.

Lady Gabriella wore a lace wedding dress by Italian designer Luisa Beccaria and a Russian fringe-style diamond tiara which her mother, Princess Michael of Kent, and grandmother, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, had worn on their wedding days.

The Duchess of Kent’s Drawing Room

The bridal couple is pictured with their families, including Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, and their attendants.

Lady Gabriella Windsor and Mr Thomas Kingston in The Duchess of Kent’s Drawing Room at Frogmore House with (left-to-right):
Back row: Miss Hannah Conolly; Master Ben Conolly; Mr Daniel Crow; Mr Ian Conolly; Mr Oliver Murray; Mr Benjamin Crow; His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent; Lord Frederick Windsor; Lady Frederick Windsor; Mr Jamie Campbell; Miss Jessie Conolly; Miss Estella Taylor.
Middle row (seated): Mrs Joanna Conolly; Mrs Emma Murray; Mr Martin Kingston; Mrs Jill Kingston; Her Majesty The Queen; His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh; Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent; Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra; Miss Emily Conolly.
Front row (sitting): Master Frederick Murray; Princess Aurelia del Drago; Master Rafferty Murray; Miss Eliza Goldsmith; Miss Maud Windsor; Miss Isabella Windsor; Miss Leonora Weisman; Master Karim Khawaja. Photo: Hugo Burnand

Frogmore House Gardens

The newlyweds with their young bridal attendants.

Lady Gabriella Windsor Thomas Kingston Bridal Party
Lady Gabriella and Mr Thomas Kingston with (left-to-right): Miss Isabella Windsor; Miss Maud Windsor; Miss Eliza Goldsmith (sitting); Princess Aurelia del Drago; Miss Leonora Weisman; Master Karim Khawaja; Miss Emily Conolly; Master Frederick Murray; Master Rafferty Murray. Photo: Hugo Burnand

The bride is now known as Lady Gabriella Kingston.

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