The Earl of Wessex visits Australia, the Empress Emerita discharged from hospital, Meghan is back from maternity leave, Prince Andrew in Belgium and William the Conqueror’s rather undignified funeral.

Earl of Wessex in Sydney

Prince Edward has arrived in Australia for the 60th Anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh International Awards.

Empress Emerita Leaves Hospital

Former Empress Michiko leaves hospital after successful surgery on Saturday, 7 September.

Duchess of Sussex Launches The Smart Set

The Duchess of Sussex launches a clothing range to help unemployed women find work and clothes for job interviews.

Prince Andrew in Bruges

The Duke of York’s first official engagement since Jeffrey Epstein’s death, commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Bruges during World War II.

William The Conqueror Funeral

William the Conqueror had a rather undignified funeral in France.

William the Conqueror’s grave at Abbaye-aux-Hommes, Caen. Photo: Supercarwaar [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

A slab, dating from the 19th Century, marks William the Conqueror’s grave.

Royal Birthdays This Week

7 September – Elizabeth I, 1533 (died 1601)

11 September – Queen Paola of Belgium, 1937

Forthcoming Royal Visits

Great Britain – The Countess of Wessex will visit Nairobi in Kenya from 9 to 20 September 2019 to attend and as a guest speaker at the Commonwealth Women’s Affairs Ministers Meeting.

Sweden – Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel’s official visit to Denmark from 16 to 18 September 2019.

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