Sweden celebrates its favourite Catholic saint on Friday, 13 December 2019, with some help from the Royal Family.

Swedes get up very early in the morning, when it is still very dark outside, to go to their schools, workplace or local church to see a young girl or woman don a white dress with a red sash, wears a wreath of candles on her head and sings Christmas songs, accompanied by other singers, including ‘star boys’ (stjärngossar) in pointy hats, or dressed up as gnomes or gingerbread men.

Sometimes they hand out saffron buns (lussekatt) during the procession.

With candles in their crowns, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar come to greet Christmas.
Happy Lucia Day!

According to The Local Sweden, those who prefer to stay home can watch the event on television via national broadcaster, SVT.

Traditionally, 13 December was marked as the shortest day of the year (winter solstice) under the Julian Calendar.

Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar

The Royal Court posted three adorable photos of Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar riding horses, taken by their proud mum Crown Princess Victoria, to celebrate this festive occasion.

Prince Oscar. Photo: Sara Friberg, The Royal Court of Sweden

Prince Oscar wears a crown of candles over his riding helmet and a cheeky grin.

Princess Estelle. Photo: Sara Friberg, The Royal Court of Sweden

Princess Estelle, wearing red, rides a horse with a festive Christmas hat and bridle.

Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. Photo: Sara Friberg, The Royal Court of Sweden

The little princess and prince photographed during the early hours holding their candles.

Lucia Day at the Royal Palace

A Lucia Day procession by Year 8 students from Stockholm’s Lilla Akademiens appeared during the early hours at the Royal Palace to perform Lucia and Christmas songs.

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