Crown Princess Victoria brought her family to wish the officers at Norrmalm police station in Stockholm a Merry Christmas on 24 December 2019.

The Crown Princess Family at Norrmalm police station. Photo: The Royal Court of Sweden

The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel also took the opportunity to thank the Police Authority, on behalf of the Swedish Royal Family for all their hard work during all hours of the day, every day of the year, even during the holiday season.

Crown Princess Victoria enjoys a cuppa with police officers. Photo: The Royal Court of Sweden

Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar brought gingerbread for the police for their afternoon and evening shift.

Prince Oscar proudly shows off his new police badge and hat. Photo: The Royal Court of Sweden

Prince Oscar received a police badge and a hat and even enjoyed sitting in the driver’s seat of a patrol car, with officers, his mother, father and big sister looking on.

Every little boy’s dream! Prince Oscar in the driver’s seat of a police car. Photo: The Royal Court of Sweden

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