Grand Duke Henri has addressed the people of Luxembourg regarding the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) on Monday, 16 March 2020.

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. Photo: © Grand Ducal Court

Grand Duke Henri has served as a symbol for Luxembourg’s unity and togetherness for more than 20 years, especially during times of crisis.

He urges Luxembourg to take the threat seriously, especially respecting hygiene rules, to prevent the spread within the Duchy.

Video: © RTL Luxembourg

The Grand Duke has acknowledged medical and care staff and thanked them for their work in combatting this pandemic.

English Translation

Grand Duke Henri addressed the nation in Luxembourgish which has been translated into English:

Dear fellow citizens,

I am addressing you today at a time when life in Luxembourg had to be shaken.

The government has decided measures, as it has not been in our country in recent decades.

There are decisions that go a long way and have a huge impact on everyday life. There are decisions that are certainly not easy, but very important and right.

It is now the moment in which our national solidarity is called for and I appeal to everyone to take the situation seriously and follow the measures and recommendations as well.

We know that the virus that is currently paralyzing the world can be very dangerous for vulnerable people. It is essential that we succeed in limiting the spread of coronavirus and in particular by ensuring that as many people as possible can infect themselves on a coup.

Each of us has a great responsibility.

Please respect the general rules of hygiene and abide by the rules accordingly.

The government and the various authorities are constantly evaluating the current situation and the measures will be adjusted if necessary and necessary. It is a special effort required by our health and nursing staff and they are doing an outstanding job.

I would also like to express my deepest respect to them today and thank them for their valuable work and endless work.

I am also grateful for the solidarity in the population and the many initiatives that have spontaneously formed to help one another, and especially to protect the more vulnerable people.

These days and weeks, together with the Grand Duchess and our whole family, I am with all your heart to you to go through the difficult time with you.

Thank you and all of us for courage.

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