Thanks to modern technology, Crown Prince Frederik made a virtual visit to the Danish Red Cross on Friday, 20 March 2020.

Crown Prince Frederik, the patron of the Danish Red Cross (Dansk Røde Kors), met Secretary-General Anders Ladekarl and volunteers using Facetime for a 50-minute session.

Crown Prince Frederik using Facetime to connect with the Danish Red Cross. Photo: Prince Christian ©️

The Crown Prince also welcomed the volunteers who, based in a call centre, answer and help Danes affected by the coronavirus with shopping or picking up medication and other items from their local pharmacy.

The Danish Red Cross in Denmark is a member-based humanitarian organization with more than 34,000 volunteers.

Source: Twitter/Anders Ladekarl

Crown Prince Frederik posted the following message, which has been translated into English, on the Danish Royal Family’s Instagram profile:

As a Dane, I am proud of the great social spirit that is currently being exhibited. Over 11,500 have signed up as volunteers at the Red Cross. So if you need help and can’t get out yourself, there is help to get. The Red Cross helps so that we can continue to look after each other by staying home, but without losing touch with each other. That’s also why today I haven’t visited the Red Cross physically, but digitally.

Crown Prince Frederik via Instagram

Royal Red Cross Donations

Queen Margrethe II, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have donated DKK 750,000 (about A$187,500) to the Danish Red Cross from royal funds to help combat the coronavirus, including establishing a relief network and a call centre.

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