Queen Máxima visited Red Cross volunteers in Loenen, Gelderland on Tuesday, 31 March during the coronavirus crisis. 

Queen Máxima speaks with Red Cross volunteers at Loenen. Photo: © Rotapool / Robin van Lonkhuijsen

The Red Cross helps people during emergencies and has provided information and support to doctors and hospitals since the outbreak in the Netherlands.

Queen Máxima was given a tour and spoke to volunteers who are committed to helping the elderly and vulnerable people who have had limited social contact since the corona (COVID-19) outbreak.

Queen Máxima speaks with Red Cross volunteers. Photo: © Rotapool / Robin van Lonkhuijsen

At the end of the tour, Queen Máxima also met Red Cross employees and volunteers who help healthcare institutions with receiving patients and providing care and collecting protective equipment and medical devices.

The Dutch Red Cross (@RodeKruis) has set up a network of civilian volunteers, Ready2Help, and to care for those unable to access their usual services.

Queen Máxima has a final conversation with some Red Cross employees. Photo: © Rotapool / Robin van Lonkhuijsen

The organisation has set up a helpline for the elderly, especially the frail, with tens of thousands of volunteers committed to helping others.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima have expressed their support and appreciation of so many fighting against the pandemic and are keeping in touch through telephone calls and when permitted, working visits to various organisations.

Consultations are held with these organisations beforehand, with measures in place, to allow the working visits to occur.

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