Doctors have now declared an end to Prince Albert II’s quarantine on Tuesday, 31 March 2020.

Prince Albert emerges from the Palace. Photo: © G Luci / Prince’s Palace of Monaco

A statement from the Prince’s Palace of Monaco declares Prince Albert ‘cured and in good health’.

Prince Albert II of Monaco declared ‘cured’. Photo: © G Luci / Prince’s Palace of Monaco

He will soon join his family, Princess Charlene and twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, but he will remain in confinement while remaining in close contact with His government and His close collaborators.

Meeting the media whilst practising social distancing.
Photo: © G Luci / Prince’s Palace of Monaco

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco had announced on Thursday, 19 March 2020, that Prince Albert II, aged 62, has tested positive for the coronavirus after he was tested for the disease earlier that week.

Doctors and specialists from Princess Grace Hospital Centre (CHPG) had closely watched Prince Albert’s condition during his illness.

Photo: © G Luci / Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Prince Albert reiterates his heartfelt thanks to all the personnel involved in the fight against this pandemic.

His Serene Highness once again reminds the people of Monaco of the importance of scrupulously respecting confinement measures and limiting contact with others.

Photo: © G Luci / Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Strict compliance with these rules will help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

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