King Harald V and Queen Sonja send their Easter greetings via video from Kongsseteren in Oslo on Friday, 3 April 2020.

King Harald V and Queen Sonja at Kongsseteren. Photo: Sven Gj Gjeruldsen, The Royal Court.

The King and the Queen will be spending their Easter break at Kongssetern (The Royal Lodge which is also known as the Royal Villa), located on top of a hill at Voksenkollen on the outskirts of Oslo.

Kongssetern, a gift to King Haakon and Queen Maud in 1906 as a Coronation gift from the Norwegian people, is mainly used for winter holidays, especially Christmas and the annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival nearby.

Video: Simen Løvberg Sund, The Royal Court

It has been used at other times of the year during the past few years, including the King and Queen’s recent home quarantine, following a state visit to Jordan in March 2020.

King Harald gave an address via about the coronavirus from Kongssetern on Sunday, 15 March.

Photo: Sven Gj Gjeruldsen, The Royal Court.

The Royal Lodge is a two-storey house built from logs with notched corners and incorporating motifs used in traditional Norwegian farmhouse architecture.

Kongssetern is a combination of a palace, farm and a medieval castle with covered verandas, projecting eaves and roof, inspired by Norwegian 18th Century woodcarving traditions and art nouveau windows.

The logs are visible in the inside walls, and the rooms have richly painted and carved decorations.

Harald V Korona Situation
King Harald addresses the nation regarding the corona situation on Sunday, 15 March 2020 from Kongsseteren. Photo: Simen Løvberg Sund, The Royal Court

English Translation

The Norwegian King and Queen used this video opportunity to wish everyone a happy Easter. 

Photo: Sven Gj Gjeruldsen, The Royal Court.

Queen Sonja

 ‘The King and I are deeply and powerfully impressed by all the good work that has been done – the important and great work that has been done these days across the whole country.

‘I actually think something good is coming out of this. 

‘We have to change. We must look ahead. And we have to find solutions that I think will be useful even when we once emerge from this crisis.’

King Harald

‘But we know that many people find it difficult. Both economically and in other ways.

There are many layoffs. Self-employed people are afraid of losing their business. There are workers who are afraid of losing their jobs. And there are many who are simply afraid of losing their health.’

Queen Sonja

‘I think that’s just right, but I also think we have to have confidence. We must have great confidence in the authorities and try to do as best we can with the advice we have been given in order to get this crisis over as quickly as possible. I think we can do it in a very nice way. We have to help each other. We must try to see the positive in a difficult situation. And go on with fighting humour. For this can draw on the strength and patience. But I think we are such healthy people. We can do this well.’

King Harald

‘Together, we have to deal with this. As a nation and in collaboration with the rest of the world.’

Queen Sonja

‘Soon we can all give each other a good hug again.’

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