Queen Margrethe II turns 80 on Thursday, 16 April 2020, although celebrations will be reduced, thanks to the coronavirus.

However, Danes are encouraged to celebrate Queen Margrethe’s birthday at home.

Two More Photos …

The Royal Danish Court has released two new photos of Queen Margrethe with Prince Henry’s dachshund, Lilia, at Fredensborg Palace Gardens, taken by photographer Per Morten Abrahamsen.

Queen Margrethe II with Lilia in Fredensborg Palace Gardens.
Photo: © Per Morten Abrahamsen

The Palace Park holds a special place in Queen Margrethe’s heart with fond childhood memories.

I loved when we lived out here. You could go out to the park and play and have fun and have a wonderful time.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

Photographer Per Morten Abrahamsen also has a special relationship with the palace park at Fredensborg.

Queen Margrethe II. Photo: © Per Morten Abrahamsen

Per Morten Abrahamsen enjoyed taking self-portraits in this particular park when he was a 6-17-year-old amateur.

I never imagined that one day I would photograph the Queen of Denmark the same place

Photographer Per Morten Abrahamsen

Queen Margrethe’s Life So Far …

King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid’s eldest daughter, Margrethe Alexandrine Þorhildur Ingrid, was born at 10.10 am on 16 April 1940 in Frederik VIII’s Palace at Amalienborg, weighing in at 3.300 kg (or 7 pounds 4 ounces).

About 23 minutes later, the following telegram was sent to announce the news that Crown Princess Ingrid gave birth to a healthy girl and ‘Mother and Child are well.’

The announcement of the little princess’ birth was a welcome distraction from all the dreary news about the German occupation.

Unfortunately, a 21-gun salute could not be fired to celebrate the event but the Danes raised their flags instead.

Queen Margrethe has two younger sisters, Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece.

The Danish parliament introduced the Tronføleleven Act of 27 March 1953 to allow women to inherit the throne, so Princess Margrethe became the heir presumptive, rather than her uncle, Prince Knud.

On her eighteenth birthday, Margrethe was given a seat in the State Council on 16 April 1958 and she led ministerial meetings during her father’s absence.

Frederik IX died on 14 January 1972 so Margrethe became the first female ruler since Margrethe I who had ruled the Scandinavian kingdoms in 1375 to 1412 during the Kalmar Union.

Queen Margrethe celebrated 45 years since her accession in 2017, becoming one of Denmark’s longest-reigning monarchs.

However, Christian IV, the longest-reigning monarch, who reigned from 4 April 1588 to 28 February 1648, was on the throne for 59 years and 330 days.

She married Henri Marie Jean André Laborde de Monpezat, known as Prince Henrik, on 10 June 1967 at the Holmen Church, with the reception held at Fredenborg Palace.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik had two children, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim, and eight grandchildren.

They celebrated the Golden Wedding Anniversary in 2017.

Prince Henrik had passed away on 13 February 2018 in his sleep hours after he was discharged from Rigshospitalet.

Queen Margrethe Off-Duty

Scenographer, costume designer and artist. Queen Margrethe has many roles when Her Majesty is free from official duties as head of state.

Video: JJ Film ©

A new documentary, Dronningen holder frikvarter (The Queen Is Keeping Free Time), screened recently on DR1, focusing on Queen Margrethe’s interest in art.

Viewers in Denmark can watch the documentary, produced by JJ, on DR1 website – https://www.dr.dk/drtv/se/dronningen-holder-frikvarter_179311

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