Queen Sonja sends a video greeting to the Norwegian Nursing Association on International Nursing Day on 12 May 2020.

Video: YouTube/Simen Løvberg Sund, The Royal Court of Norway

Queen Sonja had planned to attend a professional symposium in Oslo on 12 May 12 – on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

Thank you for everything you are doing!

queen sonja of norway, 12 may 2020 (English translation)

However, the symposium was cancelled as the corona pandemic made large gatherings impossible.

English Translation

Dear Nurses,

In this way, I want to reach out to each of you with a small greeting.

Today, on International Nursing Day, I should have been with you at a major professional symposium – and on the occasion of Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday, the day should be marked a little special.

I had been looking forward to this! However, due to the corona situation we unfortunately could not gather.

Instead, you are where you need it most: at your workplaces at health institutions across our country.

The World Health Organization had already decided that 2020 should be the international year of nurses and midwives. It really has been – but in a slightly different way than we could have predicted just a few months ago.

During this time, we have been vigorously reminded of how important you nurses are to all of us.

I asked myself, what is a nurse?

There is a knowledgeable caregiver who is there for us when the body is in misery.

We may be at our most vulnerable and then experience a caring fellow with great composure, uplifting smile, wisdom, warm hands and a good mood.

So much is required of you nurses. You are academically skilled, know the human mind, understand and analyze the situation the patient is in – and give of yourself to the patient.

I want to share with you something my husband said after he had heart surgery and had such good help: Then he called the nurses ‘My Angels.’

You are so important to us.

I am deeply impressed by your efforts – both on the work you do on a daily basis, and especially on the crisis we are currently facing.  

Thanks to their expertise and care, sick people get the help they need. This helps to create good security for all of us.

Their work during this time is made more visible and valued in a way that makes more young people want to become nurses. We were recently able to read that more than before are now applying for nursing study. It is gratifying – and gives hope for the future!  

I would like to say a warm congratulations on the day to you all!  

Thank you for everything you are doing!

Good luck with your vital work!

Queen Sonja of Norway, 12 May 2020

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