Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia shared a delightful photo of their two sons, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel, on Friday, 26 June 2020.

‘We wish you a nice summer!’ Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel in Södermanland County. Photo: Instagram/Prinsparet

The Prince Couple posted the photo on their official Instagram account, Prinsparet.

In their message, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia said, ‘We wish you a nice summer’ as they share some of their favourite spots during their travels in Sweden.

Prince Alexander, aged 4, and Prince Gabriel, aged 2, are both sitting on a wicker basket in a rural setting in Södermanland.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia said ‘our beautiful country has fantastic opportunities’ for a fun, wonderful and activity-filled holiday at home, rather than travelling abroad.

King Carl XVI Gustaf created Prince Alexander as Duke of Södermanland a few days after his birth in 2016.

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