Luxembourg’s Hereditary Grand Ducal Couple have thanked well-wishers following the birth of their son, Charles.

Photo: © Grand Ducal Court / Sophie Margue

‘We were very touched by the countless messages, gifts and the generosity of the donations we received on the birth of our son Charles. We thank you very much for this.

Thanks to the generosity of your donations, we will be able to support two projects that are important to us: the creation of an inclusive playground in Esch-sur-Alzette, and a project to fight children’s hunger in South Sudan, project managed by Caritas Luxembourg.’

Photo: © Grand Ducal Court / Sophie Margue

Prince Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume was born at 5.13 am on Sunday, 10 May 2020, in the Maternité Grande-Duchess Charlotte in Luxembourg.

The little prince was 50 cm (19.67 inches) in length and weighed in at 3.190 kg (7 pounds .52 ounces).

He is currently second in the line of succession following his father, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume.

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