Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume shows off his childhood at Fischbach Castle during an episode of RTL’s Vakanz Doheem programme on Friday, 24 July 2020.

Filming outside Fischbach Castle for ‘Vakanz Doheem’ with Paul Ewen and Aly Elsen Photo: © Grand Ducal Court / Sophie Margue

In Episod 10: D’Fielsser Schlass & Groussherzoglech Famill (Episode 10: Fischbach Castle & Grand-Ducal Family) the Hereditary Grand Duke shows presenters some of his favourite places in the village of Fischbach where he spent his childhood.

The RTL team followed the Hereditary Grand Duke during a hike where they explored small castles, ponds and the ‘Grand-Duc Jean’ orchard, built during his year in the former Luxembourg sovereign’s honour.

Prince Guillaume shows viewers some of his favourite spots in Fischbach. Photo: © Grand Ducal Court / Sophie Margue

During the show, Prince Guillaume shares his great love for nature which he developed whilst growing up in this lush green region.

Prince Guillaume enthusiastically shared his personal memories of the village, Fischbach Castle and its surroundings, during the walk.

It is a passion and stories which the Hereditary Grand Duke is eager to pass on to his son, Prince Charles, who also makes an appearance in the show.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie with their son, Prince Charles. Photo: © Grand Ducal Court / Sophie Margue

Grand Ducal Home – Fischbach Castle

Fischbach Castle dates back to the 11th Century but it became a Grand Ducal residence during the 19th Century when King William III of the Netherlands (and Grand Duke of Luxembourg) bought it in 1849.

His cousin and successor Grand Duke Alfonse bought the castle from King William III of the Netherlands in 1884, six years when King Willem III died and Luxembourg gained independence.

Grand Duchess Charlotte fled into exile to London during the Nazi Occupation of Luxembourg and lived at Fischbach Castle after the war until her death in 1985.

She abdicated in 1964 in favour of her eldest son, Jean, who became the Grand Duke.

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa moved into Fischbach castle two years later and lived there until his father, Grand Duke Jean, abdicated in 2000.

They lived at Fischbach Castle until Henri succeeded his father, Jean, as Grand Duke in 2000.

Grand Duke Jean lived at Fischbach Castle until his death on 23 April 2019, aged 98.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie moved in late 2019, after living in London for one year.

You can watch this episode of Vakanz Doheem (in Luxembourgish) on RTL Lëtzebuerg’s website via this link –

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