Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine visited the tomb of his father King Peter II at the Mausoleum of St George’s Church in Oplenac, on Sunday, 6 September 2020.

Arriving at St George’s Church, Oplenac. Photo: The Royal Palace, Belgrade

The date marks the 97th anniversary of King Peter’s birth in 1923.

This is the first public appearance by the royal couple since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Crown Council, Mr Predrag Markovic and Mr Zoran Zivanovic, accompanied the Royal Couple during their visit.

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine visit King Peter II’s tomb. Photo: The Royal Palace, Belgrade

The new Mayor of Topola municipality, Mr Igor Petrovic, and President Mr Sasa Šušićem with fellow members of the Kingdom of Serbia Association officially welcomed Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine outside St George’s Church.

Crown Prince Alexander pointed out his father’s sadness over the impossibility of returning to his homeland.

He said his father often told him, ‘Son, do not leave me in a foreign country, take me home, even dead.’

The Crown Prince said his father’s heart had been broken by tragic fate, exiled from his homeland during World War II when the Germans occupied Yugoslavia and had sought refuge in London.

Crown Prince Alexander lights a candle. Photo: The Royal Palace, Belgrade

The new Communist regime, under Tito, deposed King Peter so he was forbidden to return home after the war ended.

He said his father had, quote, ‘wandered the world far from his roots and every day hoped to return to his people and homeland. I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to fulfil my father’s wish. Dad, you’re home.’

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King Peter died on 3 November 1970, after suffering from cirrhosis of the liver for many years, in Denver, Colorado.

He was buried at the St Sava Monastery Church in Libertyville, Illinois, as the only Yugoslavian monarch to be buried in the United States.

Outside the Mausoleum. Photo: The Royal Palace, Belgrade

His son Crown Prince Alexander fulfilled his father’s wish and King Peter’s remains were reinterred in a state funeral in the Karadjordjevic Dynasty’s Mausoleum at St George in Oplenac.

The Crown Prince said, ‘I would like to thank the members of Удружење Kral̂evina Srbiǰa-Kingdom of Serbia Association from Serbia and the Republic of Serbia for making the date of the 97th anniversary of the birth of my father, HM King Peter II, even more festive. The Kingdom of Serbia Association has been supporting all activities of my wife and I for 12 years and I am very glad to be the patron of the same.’

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