Prince Joachim has started a new job at the Danish embassy in Paris on Friday, 18 September 2020.

Prince Joachim’s first day at work. Photo: The Royal Court of Denmark

He walked to work for his first day, wearing a face mask, as he reassured the waiting media that he was fine.

Prince Joachim is employed as a Defence Attaché at the Danish embassy in Paris for the next three years, with the possibility of an extension.

The Prince obtains the permanent rank of Brigadier General with this appointment.

However, doctors, according to Danish magazine, Billed-Bladet, have advised Prince Joachim to ‘take it easy’ as he is very keen to begin work.

In September 2019, Prince Joachim began leadership training at France’s highest-ranking military academy, the Centre for Advanced Military Studies at the École Militaire. in Paris. 

He graduated on 26 June 2020, with a diploma.

Prince Joachim receives his diploma
Chief of the French Defence Force General François Lecointre presents Prince Joachim with his Diploma. Photo: The Royal Court of Denmark

He was rushed to hospital in Toulouse late on Friday night, on 24 July 2020, after suffering from a blood clot, two days after celebrating his son, Prince Felix’s 18th birthday, at the Chateau de Cayx.

The operation was successful with Prince Joachim discharged from hospital on Monday, 3 August, to convalesce at home for the rest of the summer holidays.

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