Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia is supporting International Day of People with Disability through her Foundation on Thursday, 3 December 2020.

Photo: © Royal Palace, Belgrade

The Crown Princess Katherine Foundation in Belgrade, together with Lifeline Humanitarian Organization, has donated more than 700 wheelchairs to specialised medical institutions throughout Serbia, a lift for children with special needs in Kikinda, tactile trails in Krusevac, hearing screening equipment, interactive whiteboards for children with hearing impairments in Belgrade, trips for hearing impaired children training at a camp in Detroit, Michigan, and more.

Lifeline Humanitarian Organization, with Crown Princess Katherine as patron, has offices in Chicago, New York, Toronto, London and Athens has helped many people with disabilities through donations.

People with disabilities deserve equality and equity in society. We are happy that we can help and make their lives and daily activities a little easier with these donations. Disability has not prevented many great people from reaching great achievements in various fields. The United States president who led his country during World War II, Franklin Roosevelt, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking, the painter Frida Kahlo, one of the most famous composers Ludwig Van Beethoven and the writer and activist Helen Keller, are just some of the world’s amazing minds with disabilities, whose successes will be celebrated in the future as well. By mutual acceptance and respect for diversity, together we will turn the world into a better place to live in.

Crown Princess Katherine

International Day of People with Disability raises public awareness, understanding and acceptance of the challenges people with disability face every day.

The yearly theme provides a focus on how society can strive for inclusivity through the removal of physical, technological and attitudinal barriers for people with disability so they can actively participate in their communities. 

It is also a day to celebrate people with disability’s achievements and contributions.

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