King Willem-Alexander’s Christmas Speech will be broadcasted on Christmas Day, Friday, 25 December 2020, at 1.00 pm.

King Willem-Alexander records his 2020 Christmas Speech in the Chinese Hall at Huis ten Bosch Palace. Photo: © RVD – Paul Tolenaar

NPO1 and NPO Radio 1 will air King’s Christmas Speech at 1.00 pm (local time) and also on NPO2, using a sign language interpreter.

The King recorded this year’s Christmas Speech a few days earlier in the Chinese Hall at Huis ten Bosch Palace.

Various other broadcasters will also broadcast the King’s Christmas Speech, with a repeat at 6.00 pm on NPO1.

NPO1 will replay the King’s Christmas Speech at 6.00 pm and appear on the Dutch Royal Family’s official YouTube channel.

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