Crown Prince Alexander wishes a ‘blessed and Merry Christmas’, on Wednesday, 6 January 2021, to all Orthodox Christians across the world.

Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia. Photo: Royal Palace, Belgrade

The Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas Day on Thursday, 7 January, according to the Julian calendar.

On the occasion of Christ’s birth, to all citizens of Serbia, Republika Srpska and all people around the world who celebrate this Holy day on 7 January, I extend warmest congratulations. I wish you to spend Christmas in peace and love, surrounded by your loved ones.

Most of all, my family and I wish you good health.  Let your home and your family be a source of peace, warmth, and love.

Peace of God, Christ is born!

Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine will attend the Christmas Eve Solemn Service in the St Eleftherios Greek Orthodox Church in New York this year.

The Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava is currently under reconstruction.

Julian Calendar

Roman Emperor Julius Caesar established the Julian Calendar in 46 BC.

Roman emperor Julius Caesar established the Julian Calendar in 46BC.

However, Pope Gregory XIII decreed in 1582 that the Catholic Church should follow a new calendar – the Gregorian calendar – as it was closer to the solar calendar.

The Gregorian Calendar is very similar with 12 months of 28 to 31 days, but it has a leap year every four years.

Many Protestant and some Orthodox churches in Europe continued with the Julian calendar until the 18th Century.

Most Orthodox Churches, including the Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian and Greek, still celebrate 7 January as the birth of Christ.

However, Great Britain and its colonies, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand, did not adopt the Gregorian Calendar until 1752.

Pope Gregory XIII

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