New royal monograms have been prepared to mark Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine’s 10th birthday on Friday, 8 January 2021.

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine turn 10 on 8 January 2021.
Photo: © The Royal Court of Denmark/Franne Voigt

Like other Danish royal monograms, Christian V’s crown is placed above the initial.

Graphic designer Charlotte Søeborg Ohlsen, with assistance from colleagues, Mads Quistgaard and Cecilie Kirkeskov Knudsen, created the monograms for Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

Prince Vincent

Prince Vincent’s monogram consists of the letter ‘V’ with a solid classic left part combined with a playful, forward-looking double line to the right.

Photo: © Charlotte Søeborg Ohlsen, The Royal Court of Denmark

Princess Josephine

Princess Josephine’s monogram consists of her initial ‘J’ in strong italics and with a ‘poetic and vivid expression’.

Photo: © Charlotte Søeborg Ohlsen, The Royal Court of Denmark

Royal Monograms in Denmark

Royal monograms have a long tradition as an identity mark which is both practical and decorative.

Whilst the monarch’s monogram is official, monograms for other members of the Royal Family are for private use.

Monograms can be used on many items, including gifts, stationery and jewellery.

A royal monogram consists of an initial or a double initial under the royal crown.

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