Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia has sent the following message to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Wednesday, 27 January 2021.

Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia. Photo: Royal Palace, Belgrade

International Holocaust Remembrance Day has been observed worldwide since 27 January since 2005, by the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution 60/7.

Today we remember the victims of the Holocaust – the millions of innocent people who died during World War II; we also think about those who survived the horrors of the concentration camps, as well as all the brave people who risked their lives to help those who were the target of the Nazis. 

At the same time, this day reminds us of the importance of respecting every individual’s right to live in freedom and every nation’s right to foster its culture and tradition.

Suffering in World War II is a warning to all of us to contribute to the fight against violence, intolerance, and all forms of discrimination. Together, we have an obligation to educate young people about the importance of respecting diversity and equality, to oppose injustice and all kinds of prejudices, and to build a society in which anti-fascist values will have a special place.

Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia, 27 January 2021

The Red Army liberated the largest concentration and death camp, Auschwitz-Berkenau, on 27 January 1945.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorates the genocide of six million Jews and 11 million others (including those with disabilities, homosexuals and gypies) by the Nazi regime in Germany, especially during World War II.

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