King Harald of Norway celebrates his 84th Birthday on Sunday, 21 February 2021.

King Harald V of Norway, 15 January 2016. Photo: Jørgen Gomnæs, Det kongelige hoff.

The only son of Olav V and Princess Märtha of Sweden was born in 1937 at Skaugum – the first prince born in Norway in 567 years.

harald v norway crown princess märtha
Prince Harald with his mother Crown Princess Märtha in 1937. Photo: National Library of Norway / Public domain

King Harald has two older sisters: Princess Ragnhild, Mrs Lorentzen (9 June 1930 – 16 September 2012) and Princess Astrid, Mrs Ferner (born 12 February 1932).

As Crown Prince, Harald was an avid sailor who represented his country in the yachting events of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 1964, Mexico City in 1968, and Munich in 1972.

In 1964, the Crown Prince had the honour of carrying the Norwegian flag during the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

He married Sonja Haraldsen in Oslo Cathedral on 29 August 1968, after a nine-year relationship.

Harald ascended the throne when his father died on 17 January 1991.

They have two children, Princess Märtha Louise (born 22 September 1971), and Crown Prince Haakon (born 20 July 1973), and have six grandchildren, including Princess Ingrid Alexandra who is currently second in the line of succession.

King Harald and Queen Sonja celebrated their 30th anniversary on the throne on 17 January 2021.

30 Years on the throne. Photo: Jørgen Gomnes/The Royal Court of Norway

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