King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden led a Council of State at the Royal Palace on Sunday, 28 March 2021, following the birth of his latest grandson.

Proud grandfather King Carl XVI Gustaf chairs the Council of State following the birth of his latest grandson. Photo: Sara Friberg, The Royal Court of Sweden

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, only the Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, and a few ministers attended the council.

King Carl Gustaf with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (left). Photo: Sara Friberg, The Royal Court of Sweden

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s third son, who is currently seventh in the line of succession, will be named Julian Herbert Folke and granted the Duchy of Halland.

The little boy will be known as Prince Julian.

The COVID-safe Council of State. Photo: Sara Friberg, The Royal Court of Sweden

Following King Carl Gustaf’s decision on 7 October 2019 regarding changes in the Royal House, Prince Julian is a member of the Royal Family but not of the Royal House.

Therefore, Prince Julian will not be granted the style of Royal Highness.

So far, no photos of Prince Julian has been released.

King Carl Gustaf’s Announcement

The Royal Court of Sweden released a short video of King Carl Gustaf announcing his new grandson’s name in Swedish.

Video: YouTube/Jonas Borg, The Royal Court of Sweden

However, we have provided an English translation.

Welcome to this information council.

I’m sorry for popping up here on a Sunday morning.

Sunday should start – for once, it’s a nice reason to have a council.

As the tradition and protocol usually is – we have such a council where I have the opportunity to announce – when there has been a birth within the Royal Family.

As you all know through the media, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia have given birth to a son. A well-built son whom I had the opportunity to witness and meet yesterday.

The whole family is well, and the other brothers have appreciated this in a nice way.

It takes care of this little person in the best way.

The purpose of this council is therefore that I should inform you – what the new member of the family and our new citizen should be called.

To pull off this little thing … He is well-built: 49 centimetres and 3.2 kilos.

A completely normal little person.

His name will be Julian Herbert Folke.

His title will be Prince and Duke of Halland.

Our translation is provided with some help from Google Translate and a friend, Garth.

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