Queen Margrethe continues the tradition of painting eggs as part of the Danish Royal Family’s Easter traditions at Marselisborg Palace.

Video: YouTube/Royal House of Denmark

In the 2019 video, Queen Margrethe uses watercolour paints but acrylic, puff paint or spray paint can also be used.

How to Hollow Out Eggs

Here is how you hollow out the eggs before having a go at painting your own.

  1. Wash and dry eggs.
  2. Using a large needle, pierce both ends of the shell, making sure you insert the needle deep enough to break the egg yolk.
  3. Wiggle the needle around in a circular motion to open the hole at one end of the egg.
  4. Hold the egg over a bowl, blow into the large opening at one end of the egg to force the egg white and yolk out.

Source – How to Create Hollow Eggs from Eggs.ca

Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and their four children join Queen Margrethe for egg painting as part of their Easter Greetings for 2021.

Queen Margrethe paints more eggs leading up to Easter 2021.
Photo: The Royal House of Denmark

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