The Royal Family and Clarence House have released two photos on their social media accounts on Saturday, 3 April 2021, to mark the Easter weekend.

A nice day for an Easter stroll. Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Photographer Chris Jackson from Getty Images took the photos of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, wrapped up against the chilly weather, as they take an Easter stroll through the grounds of Frogmore House at Windsor.

According to ITV Royal, the Royal Family usually attend an Easter service but the event was cancelled, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Chris Jackson said, via Twitter, ‘Very special to take this photograph of The Queen and The Prince of Wales in the historic grounds of Frogmore House that has been released tonight. It feels especially poignant as hopefully we will ALL be seeing a bit more of out families over the coming days and weeks.’

Frogmore House

Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III, bought the 17th Century house in 1792 as a country retreat for herself and her unmarried daughters.

Frogmore House, Windsor Great Park A delightful Royal residence in Windsor Great Park with Victoria & Albert’s Mausoleum in the grounds. Photo: Gill Hicks [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

However, the house needed many alterations before the Royal Family could move in where they could indulge in their favourite hobbies, including painting, drawing, needlework, reading and botany.

Queen Charlotte commissioned her husband’s favourite architect James Wyatt who took three years to extend the second floor and added single-story pavilions to the north and south of the garden front, linked by an open colonnade supporting the roof.

Frogmore also housed Queen Charlotte’s extensive collection of books, including her botanical library, which took up several rooms.

Queen Charlotte’s keen interest in Botany since the 1770s extended to her garden, with many rare and unusual plants, such as lilacs, honeysuckle and golden rain trees, laid out.

She added new garden features including a thatched hermitage, barn and Gothic ruin.

Her eldest unmarried daughter, Princess Augusta, lived at Frogmore following Queen Charlotte’s death in 1818;

Princess Augusta died in 1840 so Queen Victoria’s mother moved in a year later and redecorating and modernising the house.

Various members of the Royal Family, including Queen Victoria, lived at Frogmore.

The Duke and Duchess of York (later George VI and Queen Elizabeth) spend part of their honeymoon at Frogmore.

Prince Philip furnished Queen Charlotte’s library and the Duchess of York’s dining room with a selection of items following the decommissioning of the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Frogmore House was named due to the large number of frogs in the area

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