Prince Christian of Denmark has arrived at his new school, Herlufsholm Gymnasium, on Tuesday, 10 August 2021.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary with Prince Christian. Photo: © Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset

He arrived with his parents, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, to settle into his new surroundings and to meet his new classmates, as school starts on Wednesday, 11 August.

Denmark’s largest boarding school, Herlufsholm, in  is about 80 kilometres (about 50 miles) south of Copenhagen.

Prince Christian at his new school. Photo: © Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset

Herlufsholm consists of an international Middle School and the Gymnasium, or High School, with about 70% graduating with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

However, Prince Christian is following in his cousin Prince Nikolai’s footsteps as the second member of the Danish Royal Family to attend the school.

Prince Christian moved into his dormitory upon arrival. Photo: © Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset

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