King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Christmas speech includes the war in Ukraine and his forthcoming Golden Jubilee in 2023. Photo: Sven-Åke Visén, SVT

H.M. Konungens jultal år 2022 sändes från Kungl. Slottet.

Kungen höll sitt första jultal 1972, då som kronprins. Årets tal, som således var det 50:e i ordningen, spelades in i Prinsessan Sibyllas våning på Kungl. Slottet. Våningen är Kungaparets representationsvåning på Kungl. Slottet. I jultalet talade Kungen bland annat om kriget i Ukraina samt det kommande jubileumsåret för Sverige.

HM King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 2022 Christmas speech was broadcast from the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

The King gave his first Christmas speech in 1972, as Crown Prince.

This year’s speech, the 50th in a row, was recorded in Princess Sibylla’s Apartment at the Royal Palace which the King and the Queen now use as everyday reception rooms. 
In the Christmas speech, the King spoke, among other things, about the war in Ukraine and the coming jubilee year for Sweden.

Photo: Sven-Åke Visén, SVT

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