Queen Margrethe II has become Denmark’s second-longest reigning monarch as she celebrates her Golden Jubilee on Friday, 14 January 2022.

Queen Margrethe II Denmark Golden Jubilee
Queen Margrethe II celebrated her 50th Anniversary on the throne. Photo: © The Royal Court of Denmark

However, Queen Margrethe has another 10 years to go to beat King Christian IV’s reign of nearly 60 years to beat his record.

King Christian IV (who reigned from 4 April 1588 to 28 February 1648), was also the brother of Anna who married James VI of Scotland and I of England in 1589.

The Danish monarchy is one of the oldest monarchies in the world, dating back to more than a thousand years ago. Queen Margrethe can trace her family tree back to a king who was born around 900 AD.

Anyone wishing to pass on congratulatory messages to Queen Margrethe can do so via the https://www.kongehuset.dk/ website.

English version – Queen Margrethe II Golden Jubilee Banner in Magenta. Source Wonderful Copenhagen

King Frederik IX’s Passing

Her beloved father, King Frederik IX, died in Copenhagen Municipal Hospital in 1972, after suffering from the flu, followed by a heart attack.

His widow Queen Ingrid, their three daughters Princess Margrethe, Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie, and sons-in-law, Prince Henrik, Prince Richard and King Constantine II of Greece, and other members of the Danish Royal Family was at his side when he slipped into unconsciousness and passed away.

King Frederik IX of Denmark. Photo: Elfelt & Co. – Det Kongelige Bibliotek 1957 – 768/699

Prime Minister Jens Otto Krag proclaimed the grieving Princess Margrethe as Queen on the following day on the balcony at Christianborg Palace in front of thousands of people.

The grieving Queen Margrethe said, ‘My beloved father, our King is dead, and a great sorrow has befallen us all. But the greatest grief is for my mother.’

Margrethe is the first Queen regnant since the 15th Century, following an amendment in the Constitution in 1953  to allow women to inherit the throne, as King Frederik had no male heirs.

A Constitutional Monarch

Following Queen Margrethe’s accession, her eldest son Frederik, born 26 May 1968, became the Crown Prince.

When Queen Margrethe ascended the throne only 42% of Danes supported the monarchy at the time.

Fifty years later, about 84% are in favour of the monarchy, which is said to be now one of the most popular in Europe.

Like her cousin, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Margrethe does not become involved in politics and must remain impartial at all times.

Queen Margrethe signs all Acts of Parliament but they only come into force when countersigned by a Cabinet Minister.

Since her accession, Queen Margrethe has had nine Prime Ministers, including Mette Frederiksen – the second (and now the youngest) woman to hold office. 

Queen Margrethe also represents Denmark and has carried out 54 state visits abroad, including Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Ireland, China, the Netherlands, Argentina, France, Japan, Russia, Greece and Germany.

Denmark’s longest-reigning monarch, King Christian IV. By Pieter Isaacsz 1612

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