We also followed the news about the exciting discovery of Richard III’s remains found in a Leicester car park in August 2012 and his reinterment in Leicester Cathedral three years later.

King Richard III, by unknown artist, late 16th century

Now the discovery team are celebrating the 10th anniversary of finding the last Plantagenet King’s remains, so we collated all the podcasts which feature anything related to Richard III, including documentaries and the King Richard Shake!

King Richard III was killed by Henry Tudor’s forces at the Battle of Bosworth on 22 August 1485. Henry Tudor was proclaimed King Henry VII – the first of the Tudor dynasty which lasted until 1603.

Meanwhile, Richard III’s corpse was stripped, carried naked on horseback to Greyfriars in Leicester, where it was exposed to public view for two days to prove he was indeed dead, before it was hastily buried – where it remained for the next 500 years.


Podcast (20 March 2014): No Royal Baby, Invictus Games & Burying Richard III

Podcast (27 March 2014): Australian Knighthoods, Richard III Society of NSW & Prince Harry in Kazakhstan

Podcast (3 April 2014): Interview with Young Monarchist Mark Salmon & April Fools’ Day Jokes

Podcast (15 August 2014): Royal Reporter, Greenland Visit & Richard III’s Reburial

Podcast (22 August 2014): Invictus Games, Richard III’s Diet, Bosworth & Diana’s Grave

Podcast (12 September 2014): Royal Pregnancy News, Invictus Games & Dame Marie Bashir

Podcast (19 September 2014): Two Canadian Visits, Prince’s Day & Shock News From Sweden

Podcast (17 October 2014): Harold II Mystery, Royal Visit & More News From Denmark

Podcast (28 November 2014): New Documentary, Monaco & King Richard III Appeal

Podcast (5 December 2014): Richard III’s DNA, Coronation Controversy and Two Royal Visits


Podcast (6 February 2015): King Abdullah Does Clint Eastwood, New Biography Controversy & Finland Visits

Podcast (27 February 2015): Norwegian Royal Visit Down Under & Traffic Jam

Podcast (6 March 2015): Downton Abbey Visit & Prince Harry Heading Down Under?

Podcast (13 March 2015): Britannia, Queen Margrethe’s 75th Birthday & Downton Abbey

Podcast (20 March 2015): St Patrick’s Day, Dutch Royal Visit & Prince Harry

Podcast (27 March 2015): Prince Charles Goes Bowling & King Richard III’s Last Journey 

Podcast (3 April 2015) Royal Maundy, Prince Harry & Anzac Day Royal Baby?

Podcast (3 July 2015): Princess Charlotte’s Christening,  Coronation in Tonga & King Richard III The Musical

Podcast (31 July 2015): The Hot Plate, King Salman’s French Holiday & A Royal Welcome

Podcast (7 August 2015): Lèse-majesté, The Queen’s People & King Salman Leaves France

Podcast (21 August 2015): Princess Charlotte Stamp, VJ Day, Richard III Documentary & Longest Reign Record

Podcast (28 August 2015): Queen Elizabeth’s New Biography, Princes In The Tower & Not the Republic Again!

Podcast (9 October 2015): Queen Returns to Buckingham Palace, Prince Nicolas & King Richard III Investitures


Podcast (29 April 2016): Anzac Day with Prince Harry, 70th Birthday Celebrations & Richard III ‘Backing The Blues’!

Podcast (6 May 2016): King Carl Gustaf’s 70th Birthday, Princess Charlotte & Invictus Games Challenge


Podcast (8 February 2019): Hello To Kindness, Townsville, Stolen Swedish Royal Regalia & Richard III Remains Confirmed

Also, feel free to search for some of our articles and other content about the last Plantagenet King, including the trailer (preview) for The Lost King.

Poster for The LostKing starring Sally Hawkins, Steve Coogan and Harry Lloyd

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