Buckingham Palace revealed Queen Camilla’s new cypher on Tuesday, 8 November 2022.

Queen Camilla’s new cypher. Photo: The Royal Family

A cypher is a monogram of a country’s reigning sovereign, usually consisting of the initials of the monarch’s name and title as ‘R’ (‘Rex’ or ‘Regina’ – Latin for ‘king’ or ‘queen’), sometimes interwoven, with a crown placed above.

Queen Camilla’s cypher is made up of her monogram, ‘CR’ with a representation of a crown – ‘C’ for Camilla and ‘R’ for Regina.

The Queen chose her cypher from a series of designs and will be used on personal letterheads, cards and gifts. It will also appear on a cross that Queen Camilla will play at the Field of Remembrance on Thursday, 10 November.

Professor Ewan Clayton, a calligrapher on the Faculty and Academic Board of The Royal Drawing School, and Timothy Noad, Herald Painter and Scrivener at The College of Arms, collaborated to design the cypher.

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