An iconic photograph of nine Sovereigns was taken at Windsor Castle on the day of King Edward VII’s funeral on 20 May 1910.

Nine sovereigns at Windsor for the funeral of King Edward VII, 20 May 1910. Standing (left to right): King Haakon VII of Norway, Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, King Manuel II of Portugal, Emperor William II of Germany, King George I of the Hellenes, King Albert I of the Belgians. Seated (left to right): King Alfonso XIII of Spain, King George V, King Frederik VIII of Denmark. RCIN 2934244

The state funeral of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom of Great Britain was the largest and the last gathering ever of European royalty before World War I – before many royal families lost their thrones.

Relationships with King George V

King George was related by ties of blood or marriage to most of the sovereigns of Europe.

King Albert I of Belgium 🇧🇪 – Paternal second cousin – reigned until his death in 1934. His second son succeeded as Leopold II. His great-great-grandnephew King Philippe is Belgium’s present monarch.

Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria 🇧🇬 – Paternal second cousin – abdicated in 1918 with his son ruling as Tsar Boris III.

King Frederik VIII of Denmark 🇩🇰 – Maternal uncle – reigned until his death in 1912, with his eldest son (and brother of King Haakon VII) ruling as King Christian X – the grandfather of Denmark’s present monarch, Queen Margrethe II.

Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany 🇩🇪 – Maternal first cousin – abdicated in 1918 after World War I and spent the rest of his life in exile.

King George I of the Hellenes 🇬🇷 – Maternal uncle – assassinated in 1913 with his heir Constantine I ruling until he was deposed in 1917, restored in 1920, and abdicated in 1922.

King Haakon VII of Norway 🇳🇴 – Brother-in-law and first cousin – reigned until his death in 1957 followed by his son Olav V’s reign which lasted until 1991. His grandson now rules as King Harald V.

King Manuel II of Portugal 🇵🇹 – Paternal second cousin – allied with Germany and deposed in October 1910.

King Alfonse XIII of Spain 🇪🇸 – First cousin by marriage – deposed in 1931. Spain became a republic until 1975 when the monarchy was restored under King Juan Carlos.

Procession of the Nine Kings, Harry Payne’s artistic impression during the Funeral of King Edward VII. Photo: Public Domain

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